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Capital: Malé
Coordinates: 3°15′ N 73°0′ E
Languages: Maldivo
Government Type: República presidencial
President: Mohamed Nasheed
Total Surface: 300 kms2
Total Population: 349106 habs
Population Density: 1.171 habs/km2
Currency: Rufiyaa (Rf, MVR)
Gentilic: Maldivo, -a, Dhivehi
Time Zone: UTC+5
Daylights Savings Time:
Internet Domain: .mv
Telephone Prefix: +960
Iso Code: 462 / MDV / MV
Radiofonical Prefix: 8QA-8QZ
GDP: 2.557 US$ millones
Per Capita Income: 7640 US$
Official Name: República de las Maldivas

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