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Coats of arms and flags

Flag Of Cocos Islands

Coat Of Arms Of Cocos Islands

Location Of Cocos Islands

Capital: West Island
Coordinates: 12°30' S 96º50' E
Languages: Inglés, Malayo
Government Type: Territorio Externo
Total Surface: 14 kms2
Total Population: 628 habs
Population Density: 45 habs/km2
Currency: Dólar australiano (A$, AUD)
Gentilic: Cocano- ,a
Time Zone: UTC +6:30
Daylights Savings Time:
Internet Domain: .cc
Telephone Prefix: +61-891
Iso Code: 166 / CCK / CC
Radiofonical Prefix:
King: S.M. Isabel II
GDP: 0 US$ millones
Per Capita Income: 0 US$
Official Name: Islas Cocos

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