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Coats of arms and flags

Flag Of Argentina

Coat Of Arms Of Argentina

Location Of Argentina

Capital: Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°40′ S 58°24′ O
Languages: Español
Government Type: República federal democrática
President: Cristina Fernández
Total Surface: 2780400 kms2
Total Population: 40091359 habs
Population Density: 14.43 habs/km2
Currency: Peso
Gentilic: Argentino, na
Time Zone: UTC-3/ San Luis: UTC-4
Daylights Savings Time: San Luis: UTC-3
Internet Domain: .ar
Telephone Prefix: +54
Iso Code: 032 / ARG / AR
Radiofonical Prefix: AYA-AZZ, LOA-LWZ, L2A-L9Z
GDP: 370269 US$ millones
Per Capita Income: 9138 US$
Official Name: República Argentina

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