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Capital: Nuakchot
Coordinates: 18°7′ N 16°2′ O
Languages: Árabe
Government Type: República semipresidencialista
President: Mohamed Uld
Total Surface: 1.030.700 kms2
Total Population: 3.177.388 habs
Population Density: 3 habs/km2
Currency: Ouguiya (MRO)
Gentilic: Mauritano, -a
Time Zone: UTC
Daylights Savings Time:
Internet Domain: .mr
Telephone Prefix: +222
Iso Code: 478 / MRT / MR
Radiofonical Prefix: 5TA-5TZ
GDP: 6.676 US$ millones
Per Capita Income: 1952 US$
Official Name: República Islámica de Mauritania
Motto: Honor, Fraternidad, Justicia

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